Friday, April 11, 2014


This is one example of why my husband and I go together so well.
I’m one of those people who store my DVD’s in alphabetical order. It is the by far the easiest way for me to find a DVD. I tried this with my CD’s as well, but the CD organizer I own has individual slots for the CD’s and this became a nuisance each time I purchased a new CD. 

About two weeks ago my husband and I cancelled cable TV service. After about 2 months of research we decided to stream TV shows from different sources on our streaming device (Roku) instead. We live in a 2 story townhouse, and decided that we will only use the streaming device upstairs where we spend most of our time. Downstairs we only have a DVD player. One night I came home from work and meticulously went through our DVD collection and moved about half of the collection downstairs. Sometimes I enjoy listening to TV while cooking, or enjoy watching something while I relax on the couch after I finish my workout. I selected a few comedy DVD’s since these are not full length shows that require my undivided attention. I can simply turn on a comedy routine while I slave away in the kitchen. I selected a few family oriented movies in case we have guest with children. The clean living room down stairs is the best place for children to watch TV. I went through a few other DVD’s and made sure I picked some good quality movies that we can use to entertain guest, but also made sure that I left the DVD’s I watch regularly upstairs. I did my best to equally divide the DVD collection.

Last night as my husband and I cuddled on the couch he casually says “I just want you to know that every time I look at the DVD rack I want to throw something out the window.”

Me- Why is that?

Him- It is driving me crazy that you split up the alphabet.

Me- Do you think I took A-L downstairs and left M-Z up here?

Him- Well, yeah

Me, in a slightly higher pitch (and increasing in pitch with each sentence)- What kind of crazy nonsense is that? I can’t divorce the alphabet. The entire alphabet is downstairs & upstairs.

pause.. return to normal pitch….. No wait, we only have one DVD that begins with Z. So ok, most of the alphabet is downstairs. This was a thoughtful selection process (of which I explained). I wish you would have just checked out the selection.

Him- chuckling the entire time .. Oh good. I’m glad it was a thoughtful selection process. I feel better now.

Me- Yes, I’m glad our OCD was in agreement this time.  ..... chuckling.... See, this is why we’re so good together. No one else would understand this.