Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Farting in the Elevator

I recently started using custom orthotics in my shoes. As I walk, the plastic orthotic piece rubs against the inside of my shoe, and exhales air. As my co-workers say, it sounds like I’m farting. My doctor suggested using powder to help with this noise. The powder usually changes the sound from a “fart” to a squeak.

The other day at work, I’m in the elevator with one of the new guys in finance. Although he and I have never been properly introduced, I know who he is. I send him reports at least once a week, but he of course has no idea who I am. As the elevator approaches our floor, I moved my feet just an inch and it sounded like I farted. I can’t laugh about it, because that would only lead to more suspicion that I actually farted, even though that isn't what happened. So now this guy’s first impression of me, is thinking that I farted on him while in the elevator. I really know how to make a first impression. 

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