Friday, November 29, 2013

Giving Thanks

This year on Thanksgiving Day I attended our church service. I don’t think I have ever been to church on Thanksgiving Day. As I walk into the sanctuary, one of the elders is already giving thanks to God. She mentioned no matter how big or small, we should thank God for all things. “there are times when I’m just driving along the road, not really paying attention, and then I look up or step on the brakes at JUST THE RIGHT TIME! That’s God.”

This story stuck with me. My commute to work recently changed from 10 minutes mainly stuck at red lights, to 30-40 minute commute on the interstate. I am easily distracted. I get lost in thought while glancing at the beautiful sunrise, scrolling through songs on my CD, or spill my drink or drop my food. At times, I tilt the steering wheel ever so slightly but remain in my lane. I thank God when I notice He has protected me from another driver or even my own stupidity. But I know God is always at work and I was reminded that I need to give thanks more often. I pray over commute every morning, and every day I see my Guardian Angels working hard just to keep me & my car safe on the road.

On Thanksgiving Day my husband and I witnessed God’s protection on the road. As we were headed home from lunch, we were on 95N taking an exit ramp to another interstate. This particular exit ramp had two lanes. We were in the left lane headed for another interstate. The right lane was another exit. Just as he tilted the steering wheel left, we saw a van coming towards us in the right lane. It took me a second or two to realize that someone was driving in the wrong direction on the exit ramp. I turned to my husband, who is also stunned, and asked “is he driving the wrong way or are we?” He replied in a higher pitch voice, “He is! Oh my God!” Just having received my friendly reminder this morning, I said “Thank you God for protecting us.” That van missed hitting us head on by 30 – 60 seconds. The driver of the van didn’t realize he was headed the wrong way immediately. There were two vehicles behind us, and miraculously the van didn’t hit those cars either. I raised my hand in the air and said “I speak the word of God over this. Protect that van and the drivers on 95. Prevent any accident.” All I could envision in my mind was that van entering interstate 95 driving in the wrong direction and countless vehicles hitting the van at 65mph. I lifted them up to God, and prayed that nothing horrible happened.

I don’t know what happened with the van. For the few seconds my husband could see the van in the rear view mirror, there was no accident. I checked the news at 5pm, and didn’t see anything. I do know that God’s hand was involved. I’m tremendously grateful for God’s protection yesterday and every day. 

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