Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Blonde moment

I got married in September, and like a crazy woman decided to move 6 weeks later. Now that life is starting to settle down, it’s time for me to change my name and address on EVERYTHING. After notifying businesses of our new address, I decided to use our wedding guest list spreadsheet to obtain all of the information we need so we can notify our friends and family.

I found this cute little picture online of fish jumping from one fish bowl into another, and it simply says WE’VE MOVED! I used some left over 8.5 x 5 cards we used for the wedding invitations, and printed up 24 cards to mail to our loved ones. 

I went through the guest list spreadsheet and checked off names as I addressed the cards. Since we just moved, and I haven’t quite found all of our stuff yet, I decided to pass on making return address labels and handwrite our new address on all of the envelopes. This will help me learn my new address, right? (if only!)

My husband grew up with a family of 4 girls. He refers to them as the “sister family.” I know all of their first names, but none of their last names since they are all married. Although I am a great speller, I lose this skill when it comes to names. You can have Shawn, Shaun, or Sean. So, I addressed most of the cards to Mr. & Mrs. “thus and so.”

I have 24 cards and 6 stamps. So I mailed 6, and wandered around my new town looking for more stamps. After I found the post office, I was quite disappointed that this particular office doesn’t have the automatic postal center (like an ATM, but dispenses stamps instead of cash).  I wandered around town a little more, and found a larger post office.  Much to my disappointment, none of the post offices on this side of town have any of the convenient customer friendly stuff I use after business hours. I’ll spare you the profanity I used in my frustration. Two day s later I finally purchase more stamps at a grocery store.

Ah! I can finish mailing my cards. All done!

A few days later I receive a card in the mail addressed to Mr.  & Mrs.  Roberts. I assumed they were the former tenants of my new apartment. Then I realized the mail was my address change notification. I stared at the mail trying to figure out what I did wrong. I stamped it, and included my return address or how else could the post office return it to me. I then realized the return address was the same as the mailing address. I felt so stupid – LOL. This is how well I know my new address. I didn’t recognize it on my own mail. Course, I asked my husband who this couple is and wouldn’t you know it, from the sister family. That’s why I didn’t recognize the name.

I’m trying so hard to be domesticated and all, but I really think this gene skipped me!

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