Sunday, November 24, 2013


I so enjoy spending time with  my husband. Our marriage is heavily supported by our comedy. My husband is a published novelist. I am very attracted to his extensive vocabulary, and his writing skills. We discuss writing techniques regularly. He has a spectacular way of describing things.

Having said all of that, sometimes his lack of vocabulary catches me off guard and entertains me. Last night we were on our way to a bonfire. While he was pumping gas, he realized just how cold it was outside. His hands were freezing. I suggested we stop at a store real quick for a cheap pair of gloves. As a young adult he worked at CVS, and my prescription insurance is through CVS, so I frequent that store. We now gravitate to CVS for everything. As we walk into to CVS, he asked a clerk if they sold gloves. The clerk did an about face, pointed to the back of the store, started walking in that direction, and asked "Latex?" I replied "winter gloves," while simultaneously my husband replied "my hands are cold gloves." I didn't even hear what my husband said because I was headed to the pharmacy section to pick up my decongestant. Much to my surprise, the pharmacy was closed. WOW, 0 for 2. As I leave the store I jokingly said, "instead of killing 2 birds with one stone, we didn't kill anything." As we continued in our search for gloves we discussed what just transpired at CVS, and this is when I heard his part of the story "my hands are cold gloves."

"My husband ladies and gentlemen, the published novelist," I said while laughing hysterically and pointing to him.  (This is a routine that we have. When we say or do something out of character or completely ridiculous we introduce the other to a non-existent audience). After we enjoyed a good 10 minute comedy routine, he jokingly says "you missed your call in life. You should have written comedy!" To which I genuinely replied "I aint dead yet. Who says I missed it?"

This was one of many comical situations we experienced yesterday. When we arrived at home last night, we agreed that comedy is the secret to a happy marriage (that and separate bathroom sinks).

Laugh hard everyone, especially over the silly stuff in life. Laughter is the best medicine.

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