Saturday, June 29, 2013


 It has been a pretty stressful week. I work for a publicly traded company and at the end of every quarter the workload is pretty intense. I usually have a pretty keen eye for minor details and can spot a mistake a mile away. Over the last two weeks, I have overlooked many things and this troubles me. An oversight of the smallest detail can lead to major problems. 

Tonight I am unloading my dishwasher. One disadvantage with every dishwasher I have ever used, is the residue left behind on cups and sometimes pots. I carefully inspect the cups and noticed some food residue at the bottom of my 20 oz plastic cup, which actually looks like a bottle. I no longer have a bottle brush. I don't really have anything long and skinny enough to scrub the bottom of this cup. I looked through cabinets and drawers and finally discovered the perfect tool for this job; a straw. 

I drizzled some dish detergent on the tip of the straw, added some detergent to the cup & added water. I used the straw to scrub the bottom of the cup and it worked. The food residue scraped away and now the plastic cup is crystal clean, as they say. 

Although I'm a little embarrassed by the many tiny details I overlooked the past couple of weeks, I'm  encouraged I haven't lost my creative touch. I used a straw to clean a cup. How many people can say that? 

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