Tuesday, May 28, 2013


The praise and worship team at my church sings "No more shackles, no more chains" from time to time. The first time I heard this song at church, I noticed everyone became very excited about it. People raised their right arm and shook their hand loosely to represent the chains falling off their wrist. They lifted their voices in exultation. They twirled and danced. There was so much celebration over freedom. 

I was really at a loss by this outburst of joy. I had no idea why they made such a fuss over this song. Living in America, I've always had freedom. Most people complain that our rights are slowly slipping away. This celebration in church was completely foreign to me. 

As time passed, my relationship with God greatly deepened. My spiritual eyes opened to a few prisons I created for myself. Heavy chains of bitterness, shame, guilt, and condemnation wrapped tightly around me. I discovered forgiveness is the key to unlocking many of these chains. My key was buried deeply in a pile of pride. 

As I grew closer to Jesus, I learned two really important lessons. The devil is a liar. Words are powerful. 

I fell for so many lies. Society convinced me that I was fat and weird since I don't fit in a certain mold. Employers rejected me since I haven't earned my degree yet. Statistics told me I was broke and would never get out of debt. Dating websites told me "there is no match for you." My spirit was crushed. I needed to stop focusing on facts, and start focusing on Gods' truth. 

The words we speak, mold us. I used to listen to a lot of angry music. After having a bad day, I would listen to music that helped me sing out my anger and beat down the imaginary person in front of me. This only fed my bitterness. Focusing on the things that angered or frustrated me, spiraled out of control and the lyrics set my mood. It controlled me!

After some intense time alone with Jesus, I found the key to unlocking these shackles and chains. I see beauty in my soul and in my appearance. I see my value as a daughter of the King of Kings. I am rich in the Kingdom of God. I cherish being unique. I am eager to see all of the doors the Lord is opening for my career. I have forgiven many for hurting me, and forgiven myself for many mistakes I have made. 

I replaced my prayer requests with praises. I started thanking God for every tiny thing He did for me. My life started turning around. I started rebuking the devil. I started speaking the name of Jesus over my troubled thoughts and dreams. I started rebuking the anxiety and stress in my life. I even started rebuking the negative words spoken over me! 

It has been a long journey. I'm still a work in the progress, but I am FREE! I am free from oppression and depression. I am free from condemnation and shame. I am free from this emotional and spiritual prison. The devil can't hold me back any more! Through the matchless and mighty name of Jesus, I broke free of these shackles and chains. Now, I celebrate in this song too. It means so much to me that I AM FREE! 

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