Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The News!

In the beginning of 2011, I was an avid fan of the Today Show. It had become my ritual to watch the weather and local news and then watch Today as I got ready for work. Watching the Today show was like watching a family. I became fond of Al, Ann, Matt, and Meredith. When Meredith left the show, I was thrilled that Ann was promoted to co-anchor. Quite frankly, I was puzzled that Ann didn't replace Katie Couric when she left. Ann Curry was my favorite sibling in this family portrait. She is stylish, friendly, warm, and great at her job. I've always been proud of her.

Late in 2011, my brother was deployed to Afghanistan. My days of watching the news had completely ceased. All it took was one press release of a suicide bomber in Afghanistan killing at least one American to end my "news watching" days. Most of society might want to know this information, but when your family is serving in a war zone, you really don't want to know about such things.

Having given up my hobby of watching the news, I had no idea that in June of 2012 Ann Curry was fired from the Today show. I was in the checkout line yesterday at Target and read the headline "STABBED IN THE BACK." I was really confused by the nice picture of Ann Curry smiling as the background of this headline. Curiosity piqued, I had to read a little more. My eyes glanced to the top of the magazine so I could catch the entire headline "How Ann Curry's coworkers tortured her and why she won't forgive Matt Lauer." I immediately thought to myself, "this must be a joke. They are a nice little family on Today." I flipped through the magazine, found the article, and my eyes jumped out of their sockets. How could this be? Ann was fired? How did I miss this?

I am still shocked by the article I read 24 hours ago. I can't believe the "sibling rivalry" that took place behind the scenes at the Today show. I'm outraged on Ann's behalf. I'm completely disappointed in Matt Lauer and am torn as to how I feel about Al Roker. Here is the irony, this is television. How in the world did I become so attached to these people? Have you ever noticed how attached we become to characters in our favorite sitcom, the news anchorman, the weather man, or even an actor in a movie we like?  I've never met Ann Curry, and yet I feel compelled to give her a hug and kick the crap out of Matt Lauer for treating her so poorly.

I am also amazed at Matt Lauer's income. None of the personnel on the Today show deserve to earn that much money!

Well, Ann Curry, I am proud of you! You are a great role model. As a writer seeking a job in the field of communications, I aspire to be as great as you are. Don't let these pathetic men wrapped in politics have any affect on you. Be yourself!

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