Saturday, April 6, 2013


Several say I'm different. My close friends say I'm unique. People who just meet me, think I'm completely weird. I refuse to confirm to the world's way of living. I don't like following traditions. I don't understand the point of themed parties. I use French bread when making an Italian dinner. I'm one of a kind! I celebrate my uniqueness.


It is a little frustrating and challenging shopping for wedding stuff when one is unique. As I enter into the bridal shop, the pressure begins.

Did you make an appointment?   why do I need to make an appointment to go shopping?
What is the wedding theme? um, getting married
What are your colors? ooh, I actually know this one...  BLUE.
      Blue and what else? Weddings have two colors.
What style of dress? satin, chiffon, ball room, trumpet?  uh, i know what satin is

The pressure continues when it comes to the wedding registry. Did you know that everyone expects you to register fine china for your bridal registry? As a matter of fact, the bridal registry section is located in the dining section at Macy's. I don't need or want fine dining. I don't need or want dishes that cost more than my wardrobe. Several friends, family, acquaintances, and even strangers have said that I "need" to register for fine dining. Their reason, we are starting a new life together and the dishes I currently have will not suffice. I have lived on my own for about 8 years. I have dishes, flat ware, furniture, and other stuff. With us joining our lives together, we need a variety of other things. So instead of fine dining, I registered for fine linens. I may not need a plate that cost $120, but I do really want the softest sheets in town that cost $160. 

What comes after the wedding? That's right, the honeymoon! Do you know how hard it is to register for romantic sleepwear, especially when you are plus size? After shopping online, researching for weeks, and going to Macy's to try on the sleepwear; it was all for naught. Although I found romantic apparel that fit, I scanned it on the handy dandy scanner for the registry; nothing happened. After all of my hard work, the list of accepted items on the registry printed. Everything accepted minus the romantic sleepwear. WHAT? I tried to add it online. You can add home decor, kitchen, art work, bed & bath, and luggage to your wedding registry. The website will not allow you to add romantic sleepwear. I realize I'm not like other people, but why can't I have what I want?

not bridezilla, but a little stressed

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