Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I recently finished the book "Five Love Languages." This book really opened my eyes. Thanks to work, I've taken classes on different communication styles and dealing with different personalities. The book "Five Love Languages" just added another layer. This book is basically a communication guide. 

Thanks to this book, I've discovered different ways to communicate love to my loved ones. This helped me to understand how people who really love each other have problems because they don't know how to communicate this love to each other. 

My Pastor really got my attention in the Sunday service. Our topic on Sunday was prayer. The Pastor was explaining how much God wants a deep connection with us. He stated "He doesn't just want to date us. He isn't looking for one night stand. He wants a marriage with us." This comparison is how I understood everything. Since God wants a marriage with us, I need to start loving Him in His love language. This is why I sing praise to Him. This is why I should pray more often, spend more time in the Word of God. These are my actions to show God how much I love Him. And as with any other relationship, the more time I spend loving him, the more I benefit. 

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Jimmy C said...

Great post.Thanks kiddo.