Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I just love how God works

I'm having issues with stuff in my apartment leaking. This issue follows me from apartment to apartment. Last week my utility room flooded due to one hose to my hot water tank slowly unraveling. As the hose unraveled, the water was spraying in a corner of the room where I store tools & paper towels. Tools are rusted within hours and you know what the paper towels look like. 

Tonight I need to load the dish washer. I open the door to the dish washer and immediately smelt a FUNKY smell. I thought to myself "I thought I just did dishes. What the heck could stink so badly already? The dishes I used last night that are covered in garlic are in the sink to air out the garlic." I then glanced down and noticed the water from the last load never drained. Why didn't it drain, because the dish washer is connected to my garbage disposal and the garbage disposal is not working. I flipped the switch to the garbage disposal one more time and it sounded like the motor was trying but it just wouldn't work. 

Tonight is church. I didn't make it to church. Thankfully my church streams online so I can catch the service live. I turned on the service. I returned to the kitchen, open the door to the dish washer, and start washing dishes manually. I detest washing dishes manually for multiple reasons, but I need clean dishes. As I ran water to rinse the dishes, the dish washer started to drain on my kitchen floor. I ran for towels! Thankfully the hamper is full of dirty towels. I would hate to use towels fresh out of the dryer for this mess :)

I hear the chorus my church is singing, "God will make a way where there is no way." I start thinking, "Oh please, make a way here. Just stop this leaking. I'm tired of indoor floods." I didn't even voice my thought. After I washed the dishes I need immediately, I took my flashlight to look into the garbage disposal area. I can't really see much. I grab a pair tongs to reach down in there and grab whatever is in the way. I drag the tongs all over the area. Nothing is down there blocking it. I try the garbage disposal ONE MORE TIME and IT WORKED!!   All of the water in the sink starts to drain. I can see the water from the dishwasher draining into the sink  properly. Dish washer stopped leaking! Everything was fixed by the hands of God; because I know a cheap pair of tongs didn't fix it. 


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