Wednesday, December 19, 2012


"You're not rewarded for your efforts. You are rewarded for your accomplishments."

Wow! This is such a painful truth to swallow. I noticed this truth in sports years ago. Think about it, no matter how hard you train and play the game, you may not win the Super Bowl or the Stanley Cup. While working hard at Circuit City I noticed this is true in business as well.

As a consumer and middle class citizen, I am outraged  by the number of executives who receive large bonuses, sometimes in the millions, when the company is headed towards bankruptcy, laying off associates, or seeking governmental assistance. Again, having worked for Circuit City, I noticed this. In this situation, I agree that the effort should not be rewarded.

As a "peon" in corporate America who bust my ass daily to meet unrealistic financial goals, I think my efforts should be rewarded. Why should my bonus be slighted because we missed a goal by 1%?

The more I analyze this truth, the more frustrated I become. I think someones efforts should be rewarded. Someone who cares, truly gives their all, and brings value to their team should be rewarded.

The kid who studies for hours on end trying to understand math only to receive a "C" on the test should have more chances in life. Course you also have the genius kid who barely spends an hour reading or doing homework and makes straight "A's" in advancement classes and is accepted into Harvard.

This system just doesn't seem fair.

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