Saturday, December 8, 2012

'It's all about the music, praying God would use it to set some people free."

There was this little girl who was raised in a Fundamental Baptist church. She learns about Heaven. She learns how God created the world in 6 days. She learns about Jesus crucified on the cross to cover ALL her sins. She also learns most of her thoughts are sinful; most of her actions are sinful; and most of her words are sinful. She realizes she doesn't fit in with her family. Her family enjoys going to church, singing hymnals, praying, paying tithes and offering, and participating in so many church activities. She on the other hand dislikes all of these things. She already knows how sinful she is and she could NEVER measure up to God's expectations. It is difficult attending 3 church services a week that remind you how much you disappoint God!

As a teenager she starts enjoying a local radio station Q94. This station plays top 40 hits. Of course her parents were completely against this. Rock and roll music is a sin. It only leads to dancing, sex, alcohol, and drugs. Her parents tried to compensate by listening to a local christian contemporary station. One day she heard the song "My Place in This World" by Michael W. Smith. FINALLY, a Christian who felt the same way as she did. There was a brief moment of relief. There was hope. She isn't a bad person. She's not the only one who feels lost and rejected in this big world.

Then an evangelist held a revival at her church. This evangelist was displeased with Christian bands playing ROCK music. He said "if it's Christian it aint rock and if it's rock, it aint Christian." That's when her parents decided to ban Christian contemporary music as well. After finally finding an outlet for all of these mixed feelings and emotions through CHRISTIAN music, that outlet was now banned.

Rebellion was born in her. She did everything she could to listen to heavy metal, top 40, rap, hip hop, and anything else Q94 was playing. If she couldn't have her CHRISTIAN music, she was going to sneak  and listen to music that spoke to her.

At the age of 18 she moved out of her parents house. She was running away from all of the beliefs taught in this Fundamental Baptist church. She was searching for her identity. It is amazing to see everything Satan has to offer you when you are searching for your identity. She found alcohol, parties, drugs, and a girlfriend. She met a girl at work her told her everything she needed to hear. She no longer felt rejected. Her girlfriend allowed her to do things that felt good. Her girlfriend accepted her even though she was a sinner. IT WAS SO REFRESHING. But the world can only offer temporary satisfaction.

At 19 years old after the lesbian love affair ended she was once again searching for her identity. She stumbles across this amazing song on the radio. It took her a moment to catch the lyrics, but this ROCK song was singing about being a JESUS FREAK. She cried!  She felt such a relief. This band used their God given talents to reach out to people like her. WHAT WILL PEOPLE THINK WHEN THEY HEAR THAT I'M JESUS FREAK? WHAT WILL PEOPLE DO WHEN THEY FIND OUT IT'S TRUE? I DON'T REALLY CARE IF THEY LABEL ME A JESUS FREAK. THERE AIN'T NO DISGUISING THE TRUTH! But wait a minute, after running from God and the church how can one be a Jesus Freak?

This song JESUS FREAK by DC TALK started a love affair; a love affair with Jesus. She loved this song. She wanted so badly to identify with this band. A Christian band playing rock music that grabbed her attention that helped to bring her back to Jesus Christ.

That was in 1995. Through the years, she has come to love songs by one of the singers from DC TALK. His name is TOBY MAC. Toby Mac plays music that energizes her through her work out at the gym, is LOUD enough to be her alarm clock, is powerful praise music to accompany her prayer time, and is music she listens to when she just wants to end it all. The powerful music from Toby Mac has been an instrumental weapon God has used to help this young woman fight many demons and find her identity.

Last night on December 7, 2012, after listening to Toby Mac for 17 years she was finally able to watch him perform in concert. This concert was amazing on so many levels. The crowd was such a diverse age group. She was surrounded by teens, parents, and a few grandparents. All of them proudly worshiping God through ROCK music! She was lifting her hands in PRAISE to GOD! Toby spoke a little bit as well. He sings a song about forgiveness. Toby reminded her that she needs to forgive a lot of people. Toby reminded her that she has hurt a few people along the way and through Christ we can forgive and be healed.

So, what are you waiting for? Go check out a few hit songs by Toby Mac / DC TALK on youtube. I would recommend a few songs, but the list is so long. Just go purchase all of his CD's. On the slight chance you don't like the music, donate it to your church youth group :)

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