Thursday, November 15, 2012

Life as a Sitcom

Do you ever think to yourself  "if this were a sitcom, people would be laughing"? It is rarely funny while in the midst of it, but if this were an episode on TV, I'd be laughing.

Yesterday after running all of my errands I get home and change into my house clothes. I went to heat up some left overs and noticed a pile of dishes in the sink. I need to wash dishes. I load up the dish washer. Oh man! I'm out of dish washing detergent. Wait! Mom gave me a box of dish washing detergent months ago. Ah yes, I found it!

The box of powdered dish washing detergent has been sitting under my kitchen sink for several months. It is now a brick! This box is so heavy, I could easily hit an attacker with it and kill the attacker. The autopsy report would read, killed by a blunt instrument. No one would ever suspect I did it :)

I only have one load to wash and I REFUSE to get dressed again to go purchase 1 bottle of detergent. I sit on the kitchen floor with knife and scissors prying this box open. I've never seen a box closed up tighter than Fort  Knox. Finally, after releasing all of my aggression on this box by plunging one sharp object after another into the top of the box, IT IS OPEN!! If only I had time to celebrate. Now, how the heck do I turn this powder so tightly compacted together that it is like a brick into actual powder? I only need enough powder for one load. I used a pizza cutter to grate this huge white brick into powder and IT WORKED! I ended up with enough powder for 2 loads, although I'm never using this box again.

On to the store to purchase more dish washing detergent.
Enjoy your life, it is a sitcom to someone else watching :)

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