Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Missed Opportunity

I enjoy photography. Photography is so much more than capturing life's precious moments forever on film. With photography, you can turn the ordinary into beautiful. As I was leaving for work this morning, I noticed how beautiful the scattered leaves in the yard looked. It's just a typical autumn morning, but the leaves are so colorful. I then realized if I sat on my front stoop and held my camera at the perfect angle, I could capture a lamp post in the middle of these beautifully scattered leaves.

 I'm taking my camera to work today to take pictures of Halloween costumes. My camera is buried in the bottom of my tote bag. I decided to wait until after work. I actually looked at the scene, waived my hand in the air, and said out loud to myself "Ah! it will still look like this after work. I can take a picture after work."

Much to my surprise, the landscapers were here today and used the leaf blower. What was a beautiful photo opportunity, is now dirt! I'm a little frustrated with myself.

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