Saturday, September 22, 2012


I'm a little adventurous. Last Sunday I went kayaking for the first time. Oh! I so enjoyed it. It is so relaxing. I am always amazed at the wonderful works of God. I sat in this kayak and enjoyed a peaceful river. I watched the ducks. As I approached a tiny waterfall, the soothing sound of the rushing water just eased my mind.

I was a little scared when my kayak got stuck in a maze of rocks. The kayak was tilting and almost dumped me in the water. The only reason it was scary is because I didn't want to fall into a maze of rocks and bruise or break any bones. I was a little proud of myself after I loosened myself from the rocks.

The only thing disappointing about this adventure was my camera. I enjoy photography. I prefer landscape photography over portraits. Here I was in the river witnessing the beauty of God's handiwork and all I had was a waterproof disposable camera to capture the images. This camera had no zoom capability. I have a few photos to share, but this is obviously not my best work.

For those local to Richmond, my group kayaked from the Huguenot bridge to the Willey bridge. The 3rd photo below was taken from underneath the Willey bridge. You can't really see the waterfall, but what an amazing sky! When I paddled around the little island down there, the glorious sun was peeking through the trees magnificently shining on the waterfall and all the ducks. This is when a zoom camera would have been handy :)

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