Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Daddy and Me time

One fond memory I have from childhood is David E. Kelley. The addiction began with LA Law. I remember watching LA Law with my dad. For someone who was against soap opera's, my dad was completely hooked on night time dramas. Although I fell in love with Harry Hamlin and Susan Dey, I later realized my dad was hooked on David E. Kelley.

The next thing you know, dad and I were hooked on Picket Fences. The theme continued with The Practice and Boston Legal. I'm not a big fan of William Shatner so I had no desire to watch Boston Legal. I then noticed that one of my favorite actresses, Candice Bergen, starred in Boston Legal. I just had to join dad and watch an episode. That's when I noticed, the executive producer was David E. Kelley.

 Tonight I started watching old episodes of Ally McBeal. As soon as I saw the executive producer was David E. Kelley I just laughed. I noticed myself talking to the emptiness of my apartment "Of course this was produced by David E. Kelley, aren't all good shows produced by him?"

So, my fond memories of daddy and me time include famous television producers. As I sit here watching old television shows he produced, I just picture sharing the couch with my dad and discussing what a brilliant writer and producer he is. Maybe one day, dad will discuss with others what a brilliant writer his number one daughter is :)

good night all

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