Thursday, September 6, 2012


  Have you ever noticed these scrap books in any store selling baby supplies to mark the baby's "first" moments in life? You know, the day the baby first crawled, said his or her first word, first holiday, first baptism, and so on? I could use a similar scrap book in my adult years.

 I've experienced a few "first" moments this year. This year was my first time in a cast and my first time using crutches. Today was the first time I received an injection of a steroid. I've taken steroids in a pill form before, but today I received the steroid via a shot in my left heel. The doctor did an amazing job numbing my foot. However, I could feel the injection of medicine. I actually passed out from the shot. Yes, I'm a whimp! When I came to, the doctor simply said "you need to go home and go to bed." I was half out of it when I called work to let them know I wouldn't be in today. To help revive me, I had two glucose tablets and about four drinks. An hour later I was able to compose myself long enough to drive home three miles away. I spent most of my day on the front room couch. It took several hours for me to feel normal again.

 I've been staring at a vase filled with 12 beautiful roses. The roses just brighten my day. I'm feeling much better and  I'm ready to return to work tomorrow.

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