Saturday, February 4, 2012

  1. sitting at a round table, I crossed my legs and hit a metal bar. OUCH!
  2. exiting the ladies bathroom, the door jerked back too quickly and the metal handle BANGS into my elbow.
  3. I am sitting on the floor rearranging some book shelves. As I stand up, my head bonks the top shelf and there is a bruise on my head.
  • I'm driving home from the vet. There is a great song on the radio and I'm dancing in my driver seat. I arrive at home and get out of the car. The song is stuck in my head and I am dancing my way to the passenger side and twist my left ankle
  • as I am resting on the couch, the remote control to my TV falls off the couch and lands inside my cup of water which is on the floor. (at least no one was injured in this hysterical calamity). The TV remote is still drying.
  • I have little to no food at home. Today is my day to go grocery shopping. As I return home, I open my car door and grab my bag of eggs from the passenger seat. Simultaneously, the driver side door slams into my left leg (the one with the twisted ankle).

What a week.

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