Friday, February 3, 2012


Facebook has really changed my life. I've been able to reconnect with so many people I met in my teen years. I became their "friend" on facebook for the sole purpose of getting an update on their life. Since we did not have high school reunions, I just used the internet to take a sneak peek into their life.

Over the course of time, I became facebook friends with a woman who used to babysit me. She graduated school the year I started kindergarten. She and I talk from time to time. She now lives in Asia and I really want to go visit her. I really miss her. I haven't seen her in over 20 years. The one thing we have common, our opinion on religion and legalism. This one common thread has formed a bond stretching through the continents over facebook.

I remember one friend of mine from high school who lived in Petersburg. I was so jealous of her house; it was huge. I also considered her brother a friend. I heard the song "Black Velvet" at her house. Every time I hear this song, I remember hanging out with her.

I skipped a soccer game one Saturday morning so I could spend the night at her place. I loved hanging out with her. One day we had a belching contest during lunch and the school principle said "ladies, ladies, lets act like ladies." (it is really weird the memories that I have compared to the important details I forget).

One day I remember doing something really stupid and offending her. I thought that was the end of our friendship. Nope, over 10 years later we reconnect on facebook and she is still the cool person I grew to love. She just sent me a personal message on facebook that really touches me. She mentioned that I am of the few people from high school she is still in touch with and that is because I have never judged her. Having felt judged all of my life, I try my best not to judge others. I'm touched that she values our connection after all of these years and she's inviting me to her wedding.

One friend I met in my senior year of high school. She and I instantly bonded. We are two peas in a pod. At the age of 18 I made some really stupid mistakes and we parted ways. Thanks to facebook, she and I reconnected in 2008 and she is my best girl friend. We still have some catching up to do, but nothing can break this bond now.

Having said all of that, I have noticed that everytime I get online I MUST CHECK FACEBOOK. Last night I needed to do some research online. I double click the blue "e" and my home page of FACEBOOK was just too darn inviting. After playing on facebook for about 10 minutes I completely forgot why I got online in the first place. I love it. Facebook you are my new addiction. I am sure that "Mark guy" never envisioned this outcome from facebook.

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