Thursday, January 26, 2012


I am reading this book "For Your Improvement" to better myself on the job. Today I was glossing through the chapter titled "DEFENSIVE?"

I know I am defensive. I know this is a big problem at work. Who wants to be blamed for anything, especially a problem at work?

As I continued reading, the book sarcastically talked about all of the "perfect" people in the world who cannot deal with constructive criticism. I started arguing with the book. "It's not that I can't handle constructive criticism, I just don't like to be wrong. I dread making mistakes, no matter how small the mistake might be. I'm better than that."

That is when the light bulb suddenly appeared over my head. OH MY GOD!! I am one of "those perfect" people that this book is mocking. HA HA!! I sat in my chair, buried my face in the book as I laughed out loud! Then blamed it all on my father. I inherited the whole perfectionist disease from my father.

However, in my defense, it seems as if I am constantly under attack and anybody will go in "defense" mode when under attack. When someone approaches you and asks "Why did you do this?" it automatically puts the you on the defense.

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