Wednesday, November 23, 2011

This year I was baptized in the Holy Spirit. The more I pray in my new Heavenly language, the more easily it flows and the more I feel led by the Holy Spirit. Sometimes I still doubt whether the "urge" that I feel is from the Holy Spirit, but most times I follow it.

Monday night I was just sitting on my couch watching TV. It was about 8pm when I felt a strong sense that a friend of mine was in trouble. I immediately went into my bedroom and kept the lights out as I closed my eyes and lifted my hands to the Heavens as I interceeded on his behalf. Part of me felt a little stupid. I was like, there's nothing wrong with him I'm just overacting. But everytime I was ready to cease praying, the Holy Spirit just continued through me. He may not be in trouble, but I knew that prayer can only help him so I continued. I prayed over him for 45 minutes and finally felt some peace that he was going to be ok. The next thing I know, he contacted me to say he was in an accident on the way home. He's not injured at all, PRAISE THE LORD! The car is pretty smashed up.

I sorta feel like I got promoted in the spiritual world. I actually felt the Holy Spirit lay something on my heart. I obeyed what I felt the Spirit calling me to do. And although I felt a little silly in the beginning of my prayer, I decided that I live alone and no one can see me anyway. (This is why I typically pray in the dark. Sometimes I just feel silly talking or singing to a spirit). As it was mentioned in our recent Faith conference, you just follow where the Spirit leads. You don't always see the miracle or result you were expecting, but you still follow where the Spirit leads.

Having just experienced life without my car for over a week, I empathize with him having to deal with this stressful situation. However, for me this has been some spiritual growth. I'm pretty pleased with myself for recognizing the Spirit leading me & obeying it. YAY ME!

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