Wednesday, November 9, 2011

In closing

To my wonderful grandfather, I'm not too good with goodbyes. As you know, they always make me cry. I don't really remember much of our time together during childhood but I've seen the photos and I definitely remember being loved. You've been a great role model as a Christian, husband, father, and grandfather. I've seen you help people in more ways than I can count. You followed the call of God on your life to be a Pastor and still managed to be a chiropractor on the side.

You've dedicated over half of your life to serving God. You deserve a gold medal or two for raising your only son. I may not agree with a lot of your ways, but you always loved us. I know that I haven't been close to you in the last 10 years or so and I'm sorry. I've let the shame I've felt over my own life block relationships with many family members. Please know that I love you and will miss you. I'm wishing a peaceful ride into Heaven for you. I've been praying that your suffering will end. It's ok to let go.

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