Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Today I spent my lunch hour at my church talking to one of my Pastors. I wanted advice on a few things including my love life (which involves the broad topic of men). I felt a little silly explaining to her how I now deal with my loneliness. During our Faith Conference I heard "speak it until you see it." I was taught to speak my faith until it comes to pass. So I started doing just that. I started praying for my husband. I don't know who my husband is, but God does. Since I don't know who my husband is, I don't know his needs. So I started praying in the Holy Spirit and interceeding on his behalf. I know that I failed miserably in my first marriage at praying over my husband so I want to start this habit now to prepare me for my next marriage. As I explained this, the Pastor sat there grinning from ear to ear with obvious approval. She even said "that is awesome."

Praying for my husband has just brought so much peace into my life. Praying aloud for my husband reminds me of Psalm 37:4 "delight thyselft in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart." Praying over my husband reminds me and the devil that I will remarry. The devil likes to put these thoughts in my head of loneliness and depression. I am taking that power away from the devil. Instead of appearing desperate and weak by simply crying out to God begging for a husband, I show the devil that I'm empowered and confident by thanking God for His promise. I'm showing my FAITH! Believing that I have a husband is one thing. Faith is taking action on what you believe. Praying over my husband is my action of Faith. Dr. Fred Price explained it this way. Grab your keys, go out to your car, and stand on the hood of your car praying and proclaiming in the name of Jesus that your car will drive. Faith is putting the keys in the ignition and driving away.

The Pastor grinned from ear to ear as I told her about the recent changes in my life and it was so refreshing to have "approval" for the choices that I make. For so long I believed that I'm a failure. For so long, I have felt defeated. Not anymore, I  now feel empowered. Pastor confirmed it for me today, I'm headed in the right direction.

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