Tuesday, October 25, 2011

This year I've learned that when you speak something you are literally proclaiming it over your life. When the preacher first said it, I thought he was a little nuts. Then, Dr. Fred Price, who I have watched on TV since I was a kid and admire and believe, mentioned the same thing in our Faith Conference last week. But what sealed the deal for me was our message in church this past Sunday. Our current series is about the family. Pastor mentioned how women refer to themselves as a bitch and eventually become proud of that and we don't realize what we are speaking over ourselves. Sunday afternoon I was really pondering this statement. Someone who I used to date called me a bitch on several occassions. Although it hurt me I decided "well if that is what you want me to be, you got it!" I unknowingly became what he proclaimed. As of Sunday night I decided that the word bitch is no longer in my vocabulary. I'm not claiming that for myself, and I'm not proclaiming that over anyone else.

BUT...... It doesn't stop there!!!

I haven't been romantically involved with someone since Aug 2008. In the midst of my loneliness, I created a few passwords such as loveless, single, and so forth. Last night I realized that I'm proclaiming that over my life. How can I change my attitude about my loneliness unless I change my thoughts? I know this sounds silly, but I've witnessed it. I changed my passwords this morning. Now, I'm favored by God, His chosen one, and the Kings daughter! Taking back control over my thoughts.

p.s. I do want to point out that the Pastor NEVER said "bitch" in the pulpit. He chose the phrase "the B word!" to express his point of view.

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