Saturday, October 29, 2011


This is a photo of my baby girl Zoey. This was taken in September. She is sitting on the arm of my couch. She has already started her hibernation for the winter and I miss her. She is just so cute. I wish that I could capture some of her cute facial expression on camera but she's too quick & a little camera shy. She is growing so much.

This is beautifu Crab Tree Falls. I led a group of 6 people hiking on Oct 22. I picked the best weekend to go. Because today, October 29 is rainy & snowy. It's raining in my neck of the woods and the weather man said it is snowing at the falls. Ironically enough, today I wore the exact same outfit that I wore last Saturday hiking and didn't notice this fact until I uploaded this photo :)

This is my "brother from another mother." I've known him for over a decade and this is our only photo together. It took almost 11 years, but he finally met my parents over dinner. Now, before there are any misunderstandings, he attended my birthday dinner with about 8 people. The moment I saw this photo I thought "he's FAKING it!" Which is a change because normally the woman is faking it!

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