Friday, October 21, 2011


I just feel led to share a quick testimony. In 2010 I was pretty much living on my credit card. In Jan of 2011 I gave up the credit card spending. I started believing in God to provide for all of my needs (or so I thought). In June of 2011 I heard this powerful message on Integrity that included a little schpiel on tithing. Now, I was very much against giving 10% of my income to God since I was living on my credit card just a few short months ago. But I felt pretty convicted to OBEY God's word. I doubted, but I obeyed God anyway and started tithing. Little did I know God's plan :-)

This church just gets energized and excited about tithe & offering. It has been a little strange to me. But I followed the will of God and miraclously every week my needs were met. This week doing our Faith Conference I heard a few testimonies from these great Pastors about being very blessed financially. Tonight it dawned on me just how blessed I am. Not only have I stopped using my credit card, started giving 10% of my income, but I am supporting military in Afghanistan & Iraq. So my paycheck stayed the same amount, my bills are about the same, and I'm doing better today than I was in Jan of 2011.

And the financial blessings are just the beginning. I'm no longer a control freak. I'm starting to let go of some fears. There are a few dramatic situations that directly or indirectly affect my life and I am just so full of joy. I'm not worried that my brother is in a warzone. I have complete peace. I'm not worried about what my plans are next month, the Lord has my back. And who better to have fighting on your side? I've demonstrated a great deal of patience & self control. The Lord is really working in my life and I thank Him for it!!!


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