Thursday, October 13, 2011

Amazing ways God teaches me

After a few failed relationships, I've become a little cynical about love. I wouldn't say that I've given up on love. I know that romantic relationships exist and I will one day have a serious relationship, but I often doubt it will happen this decade. Because of this, I often bash men. I didn't really notice how often I bashed men until this week. As a disrespectful thought came to mind, I corrected it. I no longer think terribly about men and I'll tell you what happened to change my thought process.

I had a birthday party on Sunday night Oct 9. I've spent the last few birthdays alone and I didn't want to spend it alone this year. Granted, Oct 9 is not my birthday, but it was close enough. Twenty five people were invited. As of Oct 1, only 5 had declined. I sorta figured a few people wouldn't be there, but there were a few close friends who RSVP yes for the party and they are such good friends of mine that I knew I could rely on them. The party started at 6pm. In 30 minutes 5 people called or texted to say that they wouldn't be there. For the first 30 minutes only 2 male friends were there (in addition to my parents & nanny). I knew of 2 friends who were stuck in traffic. I was a little hurt and upset. But these guys really turned it around. The next thing I knew I was in a room full of men along with my parents & nanny. After being stuck in traffic for HOURS, Sheila arrived just in time to eat dinner and was able to stay until the end at 9:30.

My last post was a picture of the party before Sheila arrived. As I look at the picture I'm reminded of how awesome my buddies are. They really came through for me. I have no right to bash men anymore!

Forever Learning

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