Sunday, August 7, 2011

I'm a little bit of a tomboy. I use to be 100% tomboy, but I'm starting to lose that status. Over the years I've developed little crushes here and there on my male friends and the guys rarely see me as a girlfriend. They just see me as one of the guys. Most recently I learned that a guy I am completely crazy about is pursuing another woman. At first I was a little upset. Ok, I was more than a little hurt. I really felt rejected. Don't misunderstand, he did nothing wrong and I'm not upset with him. I'm just a little hurt that he chose another woman over me. It is very frustrating that time and time again my male friend sees me as one of the guys and I'm interested in being involved with him romantically.

So today I'm driving home from my parents house and I'm thinking about the kind of women that my buddies tend to pursue romantically. I see that some men like to rescue women. Since I'm self sufficient, they probably don't see any need to rescue me. Some of the guys are just looking for a fling and I've made it clear that I'm not a sex toy. The more I thought about this I realized that their taste in women is just really subpar and I'm flattered that I'm better than that. All this time I've viewed it as rejection. Really, I'm just too good for them HAHA!!

However, realizing this doesn't remove my romantic feelings for the guy. So where does a woman in her mid-thirties find a fun but responsible man who will adore her and love her and rescue her from loneliness? Oh yeah, most importantly, he must be a Christian.

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