Tuesday, August 9, 2011

birthday wishes

A month or 2 ago the motor in my blender started smoking and quit working. I kept the glassware and accessories so that I would have a spare set when I purchase a new blender. That being said, I have to purchase the same name brand blender to ensure that the glassware & accessories will still work with it. My birthday is a couple of months away and my mother asked me to provide her with my wish list. I started working on the list but since I am requesting something in particular, I wanted to provide photos. I am looking and looking and looking and can't find the name brand. It's a very well known brand so I was stumped. Why the heck couldn't I find Betty Crocker? Well, it's because Betty Crocker doesn't make blenders; Black & Decker makes blenders. Betty Crocker makes the food that goes into the blender. I laughed and laughed at my mistake. I cannot believe that I confused the two. I haven't purchased anything Betty Crocker in quite some time. I don't even know how the name got stuck in my head.

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