Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's been a little crazy at work. I've just been answering emails as quickly as I can, processing well over 40 orders a day (normal is 20), setting up new part numbers in the system, frantically working on orders that MUST ship and we can't find a hazardous material certified driver available for the delivery, and it's the end of the financial quarter. I have no idea what a day it, what unresolved issues are on my desk, or who is supposed to be out of the office tomorrow.

I prepaid for 3 - hour long massages with my tax refund. Tonight I went for a much needed massage. The tension was pretty bad in my shoulders and neck area. And then, it happened, as the massage therapist was massaging my back I farted! How embarrassing?? I've farted on the chiropractor and now the massage therapist. I guess next will be the gynecologist. The only doctor safe is the optometrist. It's not like my eye is going to pop out of my head and attach the doctor. I've had puss flowing out of the eye before, but what optometrist hasn't seen that.

I swear, seeing a specialist can be so embarrassing.

nightie night ya'll

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