Sunday, May 8, 2011

So much has happened since my last blog entry that I don't even know where to start. I guess I could start with the soldiers in Iraq. A lady in my Bible study group was absolutely wonderful and helped me support the troops last month by collecting donations of cookies & home made cards by her daughter's girl scout troop. I sent a package of approximately 13 boxes of GS cookies and a box of donated supplies & cards made by the girls. Additionally, the troop paid for the postage and donated money to my ministry. It was awesome!!!

The not so good news.... a little over a week ago I received an automated message from Visa listing charges that originated in Mumbai India totalling approximately $10,000 and they wanted to know if I made these charges. The charges were made on my debit card which is linked to my checking account. I did not have $10,000 in my checking account at the time (or ever in my life) so most of the charges were declined. However, small charges went through until my account was drained. My checking account was frozen two days before pay day and 5 days before my rent was due. This was a challenge. I'm so thankful to have parents who are able to rescue me in my time of need. Although, I don't suggest calling them in the same way I called my my parents. As I left the bank I was a little emotional and started crying. I didn't know what to do. I called mom and said "I'm in trouble" pause "I need money" pause "can you bail me out?" I know that my parents aren't made of money so I didn't think that they could help me, but I probably shouldn't have used the phrase "can you bail me out?" Only God knows what my mother was thinking. After taking a deep breathe between tears, I was finally able to tell her about the fraud on my account.

In my opinion the bank was less than helpful. The lady who was assigned to my "case" didn't really know how to communicate with me. We were definitely never on the same page. Finally, after 4 visits to the bank and countless phone calls, and a police report my bank account is no longer frozen. To top it all, I went to the bank on Friday to withdrawal enough cash to pay back my parents. I withdrew hundreds of dollars, which in my opinion is a large sum of money. After everything that happened I added fraud alerts to my account. The clerk simply confirmed that I am a member of this financial institution, she looked up my member number written on a generic withdrawal slip and asked my name. She then gave me the money. She never asked to see any form of ID. Someone just abused my debit card and you are letting anyone just come in here and withdrawal a large sum of money out of my account?? What is wrong with you??

On to the good part.. yesterday I went with a group of folks to watch a Shakespearean play. It was so much fun. The actors did a great job, not just with the play but also interacting with the audience. The group was 9 women and 1 man. We had a good time. We checked out a local restaurant that seemed to be a little bit more upscale than I am used to dining. The food was good & the public restroom was a complete disgrace. But all in all, it was a good day. The commute to and from Staunton was just as much fun.

I'm sure more events took place since my last blog but those are the only ones I can remember. Still work for the same place, still doing the same Bible study by Beth Moore, still crushing on a guy but have no love life, still excited to see the family who will be here next week. Last but not least, still want to go to the beach after Memorial Day just to enjoy the atmosphere of peace & quiet.

Shelly Coors signing off :)

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