Monday, April 11, 2011

For the first time in my life, I am practicing Lent. Which to be honest, until my early twenties I had only heard of lint that is pulled out of the dryer. I still don't know the entire background on Lent, but considered practicing it and after the natural disaster in Japan saw that as a sign from God to give up TV for Lent. During this break from TV, I've been listening to more music & reading. I've spent more time in the Bible, which was the purpose of Lent. After a month without TV, I called the cable company and downgraded my service. Starting next week, I will pay about $20 a month for a clear picture on the news channels & PBS. Although I will miss USA, the rest of it I pretty much ignored. It was pretty cool explaining to the cable company why I was downgrading my service. They didn't argue this time. it's Miller time.. gotta run

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