Friday, May 20, 2011

I've noticed these days that chick flicks are just too emtional for me. The movie starts out with a woman who can't get her life together. She's unlucky at love, approaching 30 and still single and this is just too much for her to handle. Then suddenly she meets (or reconnects) with this wonderful man who treats her like gold and they fall in love. One night I thought to myself, why does the movie always seem to begin with the love story? For starters, it'd be to depressing and wouldn't sell any tickets if the movie were 4 hours long and showed her miserable life for the first 2 hours. The more I thought about it, it seems that these stories always have a happy ending. Whether or not they get married is entirely different, but there is always a happy ending for someone in the movie.

So my life is the precursor to the movie. The only difference is the age. I am divorced and quickly approaching my mid-thirties. I find some relief in noting that it will happen for me. It's just that my movie hasn't started. The frustrating part is not knowing when the movie will start? Will tomorrow be the day? Will I all of sudden be contacted by a wonderful man who will sweep me off my feet? When will my movie begin?

Onto another subject, I rearranged my frontroom tonight. I just get so bored with the same set up every single day. The idea struck me last night around 9, but I decided to wait until after work today to make the switch. And once again I didn't think this plan through completely. Everything looks good with the exception of where to put the laptop stand & my rocking chair. Of course, now that I am completely out of energy another idea just struck me. I guess I can try that move later since it involves an enormous reptile tank that is heavy. And once again, it's times like this I wish a man lived here to help. But then again, the man would be completely against me rearranging the living room so CHEERS to living alone.

need to run.. very sleepy

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