Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Over the past few days I've been spending time with my mom, sis, and nieces. Nieces are 4 & 1 year old. The one year old has some food allergies. Since the 1 year old only sees us twice a year, she doesn't really know who we are. There are times when I go to pick her up & she fusses. My mom has tried to do the normal grandmother signs of affection and the 1 year old resist and will start to cry. Sunday she must have eaten food that her body can't digest and she had quite the screaming fit because she was in so much pain. I noticed that a few times she pouted, screamed, or cried my sister gave her food. I completely understand wanting to relieve her pain. I know that when children cry something is typically wrong. But as I continued to observe this phenomen, I started thinking about how most adult women I know comfort themselves with food. For instance, when I have an unmet need I immediately think of food. I'm wondering if this trait was just a behavior that my sister and I learned and is continuing or if every mom on the planet does this and that's one reason why this country is facing such a problem with obesity. I'm not pointing fingers and blaming anyone. I have quite the problem with emotional eating and right now I'm struggling with many unmet needs so avoiding chocolate & carbs is very difficult. The big question is, how do we resolve these unmet needs? Whether the unmet need is companionship, sex, affection, success, power, money, or the loss of loved one, we all need something to fill the need. Where do we go for satisfaction? Now as a Christian, I'm supposed to say something like read your Bible, pray, spend some time with God. Just let me tell you a little something. I pray to God often about my unmet needs. I pour my heart out to God. And God does love on me, he provides for me, but praying to God doesn't relieve the immediate physical need that I have. I've asked God to remove these needs/ desires from me. I've asked God all sorts of things. God & I have thoroughly discussed these topics and I still wake up in the morning alone in my bed needing some intimacy (not sex, intimacy). I talk to my little Zoey. I am somewhat comforted by loving on others. But there are still some unmet needs. So back to my original question, how does one satisfy an unmet need other than eating??

feel free to answer the question, start a debate, offer up your opinion. you can leave comments on this blog or you can email me directly dbestaunt@yahoo.com. I look forward to hearing from you :)

later ya'll

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