Sunday, May 15, 2011

I just have to share my hysterical situation this morning. I jump out of the shower. I am running a little behind schedule. I am running all over my place (naked mind you) trying to get ready for church. I must say, the most beautiful thing about living alone is running around here naked. I just love the privacy of that. Anyway, I did find a pair of jeans to wear to church. Just so happens to be the pair of jeans I so tiredly threw on the floor last night when I undressed. Still didn't know what shirt to wear & couldn't find a bra. I decided to blow dry my hair and scan the closet in my mind to determine what top to wear today. As I am blowing my hair dry, the circuit breaker tripped. And my handy dandy flash light was not in its normal spot. Neither was my trusty candle. My cell phone is usually my flash light as a last resort, but it wasn't bright enough in my pitch black apartment. So I decided to open the blinds. Yes, I am topless but it's dark enough in here that no one will see me. I pulled the curtain away. I pulled the string to magically raise the blinds. Hiding behing the curtain just in case the bogey man was right at the window hoping to catch a peek at my lovely body. There was just enough light in the room to find a flashlight. I was now able to go into the very dark & scary utility room and reset the breaker. At this point in time it occurs to me that I didn't think this plan through carefully enough. Because now, all of the lights are on and the window is open and I'm still topless. Now I had to devise a plan to return to the bathroom without anyone seeing me. Luckily my neighbors were still asleep because it is Sunday before 9am. No one saw me running through my place topless & laughing hysterically at myself.

And of course, I rush and rush and arrived at church 15 minutes prior to the service. Which in Miller world is right on time.

Later ya'll
i'm in a much better mood since my post this morning and i'm glad that none of my friends read this blog cuz i probably should have kept the last post for my personal journal that is not displayed online :)

shelly coors signing off

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