Friday, March 11, 2011

Wednesday, March 9 was my third tough & beyond stressful day at work this week. I went home @ lunch and had to give myself a little pep talk before I could return. I watched a war movie "Flyboys" that night. It helped me put things into perspective. Thursday, March 10 I went to work in a good mood for the first time all week. The smile was on my face. My laughter was heard throughout the 3rd floor. I was happy. I went to a Bible study that night on my least favorite book of the Bible and felt as if I actually contributed something. I not only understood some of the verses that I read in Revelation, but I started to enjoy the group discussion. What a great way to end my Thursday.

It had rained all day but as I left the Bible study the rain had slowed down some. I still needed my wipers, but they didn't need to remain on. Less than a mile down the road the drivers side wiper just quit working. I've seen this happen before and it was the windshield wiper motor. I did not handle this well. I came home and redid my budget for the next few weeks so I could afford the new motor & labor cost. It wasn't looking pretty. I am so determined not to use my credit card this year but I didn't see a way for me to pay cash for this repair. I planned out my entire Friday to fit in the car repair. I was so mad about this situation. I sent a message to two friends to notify them I may not be able to attend the Friday night event. I went to bed completely frustrated. As I lie in bed with a million things on my mind, I swear to you God was politely but effectively raising His sweet voice at me "patience, my child, patience." I didn't want to hear it. What does patience have to do with this situation? I need an auto repair and I need it now and I don't have any money. Here again my carnal nature takes over & rationalizes my poor behavior. So I jump on facebook to get my mind off things and there is a message from one of my friends "it's not supposed to rain tomorrow, FYI." I know that God talks to us through people, but when it happens so quickly it's just a little freaky. Alright, so I don't have to figure this out on Friday. I have a little time. I still didn't see a way to pay for this, but I'm slowly learning to trust Him.

Friday, March 11 I wake up around 6:30 to start my workday. I turned on the news in my normal routine. The first headline: 8.9 magnitude earthquake in Japan. My brother, wife & 4 children are stationed in Japan with the air force. I tried to remain calm. Then I saw pictures of the tsunami. I completely freaked out. Talked to mom and heard that he was safe. I still broke down & cried. I watched the images of the earthquake & tsunami and just cried. I'm so thankful that he & the family were protected. I'm saddened by all that has happened. I can't believe what passed by them. As my brother said, the tsunami started in the pacific coast and affected Hawaii & California but his area was safe.

So at this point I have completely forgotten about windshield wipers & car repairs until I sat in the car and my wiper was stuck in an odd position. I decided to feel completely stupid & pray over it. I laid my hands on the wiper & motor area. I prayed and asked for healing. It was not healed right away. I followed what I felt led to do. After work I went to the dealership and learned that any repair is no longer covered under my warranty. I prayed about it and again I'm hearing PATIENCE as loud as a megaphone. God is really determined to teach me this patience thing that I've avoided all of my life. I still didn't really understand how it applied to this situation. But patience was now on my agenda. I decided to go with my original plan for Friday afternoon. I went to the park & read a book & fell asleep. I felt peaceful.

I had to get away from the news. I couldn't take another update on Japan. I left for my Friday night event and as I arrived at the restaurant I called my brother & was able to talk to him on the phone. I just needed to hear his voice. It's scary that I've become this much like my mother. I knew that he was ok, but I still needed to hear his voice. I just had to KNOW. I can't hug him. I can't see him. I needed to hear his voice.

Minutes later my girlfriend pulls up, checks out the wiper, tightens a bolt and TA-DA!! the wiper works. See, all I have to do is listen to Him. Plus I had fun tonight. I was out with a bunch of singles and met a few people. I can't remember all of their names, but I remember the conversations. It took my mind off of the horrible news on TV. I wasn't tempted to watch the news (cuz Lord knows I am glued to it now). And my wipers were tightened for free.

PRAISE YOU LORD. for saving my family once again; for continuing to teach me to FULLY RELY ON YOU, for friends and fun. thank you for friends & family who are prayer warriors & have stayed by your throne today laying faithful hands on my family. thank you for your love without limitations. thank you for your warm loving arms wrapped around me like a soothing blanket. thank you for some peace & quiet tomorrow & an evening with friends that will be full of laughter & hugs.

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