Wednesday, March 16, 2011

HMM, what to write about first??

So my brother is in Japan. He's a little worried about the radiation situation. He has access to facebook while I am at work and I wanted to post something inspirational to him. I was listening to a song by Tenth Ave North and I just love the chorus "the One who can stop the wind & waves has the power to save you." However, since a Tsunami just devastated that area, I thought the line might be a little offensive and so now I'm back to square one. What can I post that is inspirational?

In Oct 2010 I started supporting a troop of 40 men in Iraq. I'd buy the supplies, look up the address at and send the package. Since the troops can relocate at a moments notice, or be killed in the line of duty, the site owner suggested not to send any packages unless the mailing address has been confirmed. In early Feb 2011 I had a box of protein bars, Sports Illustrated magazines & the usual hygiene items. I go online and this troop was removed from the site. The note said that no one has heard from the point person in over 60 days. This alarmed me. I didn't realize how close I could become attached to a soldier that I never met. But after I write letters, cover them in prayer, and do my best to support them with treats & hygiene items; I really developed a connection to these guys.

One thing about customs packages the sender has to indicate on the form where to send the package if it is undeliverable to the recipient. Mid February 2011 I'm at the post office and had a notice in my PO Box that I have a package to pick up. I knew I hadn't ordered anything recently. I couldn't for the life of me think what the package could be. Then the lighting bolt appeared above my head. Holy cow, the package I sent to the troops in Iraq was returned to the sender. Oh my, the point person is dead. My heart sank. I wasn't physically shaking, but I was nervous. You can only imagine my relief when the clerk handed me 2011 telephone books that are sent to every box holder. SCHWOO!!

Monday, March 14 2011, I received a letter from the point person who's been receiving the care package. Not only did he thank me but he called me a hero. As soon as I noticed who the sender is, I slightly raised my voice in the post office as I proudly exclaimed "Oh my God, he's alive." I actually ripped right into the letter and read it @ the post office. I couldn't wait until I arrived @ home. I am saving it in my scrapbook.

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