Thursday, March 3, 2011

I bet you can hear me singing Hallelujah all around the world tonight. I've been financially struggling since I've been living on my own. It's really rough. Unfortunately I entered that vicious credit card cycle. During 2008 I used my credit card quite often for groceries & gas. Then the debt became so bad that I started following that "what's a few more dollars on the credit card" mentality. Now my debt is so high I have to use the credit card for any large purchases (like an auto repair). In 2009 I focused on getting my spiritual life in order. It was a great decision. Two years later I'm the happiest I've been and just enjoying life although my circumstances didn't really change all that much. In 2010 I started focusing on the physical aspects of life. I was growing closer to God by the day and bursting with Holy joy from within. I decided I needed to get physically healthy. I lost 50 lbs, started wearing more feminine apparel and enjoying it, and actually started wearing cosmetics. I still need to lose some weight but I lost 6 dress sizes and am working out regularly and quit being an emotional eater. Last quarter of 2010 I decided that for 2011 I would focus on my finances. I promised myself not to use the credit card unless Zoey, me or the car had an actual true emergency. A weekend beach getaway no longer counts as an emergency :) I may need a mental break from work, but if I don't have money I don't charge gas, food, & hotel stay for a weekend getaway.

I made some plans next weekend to visit someone in Norfolk. Gas prices just shot up to roughly $3.24 / gallon. I'm sure in the coming week they will rise again. I was really stressing the money part. I just saw my paycheck deposited into my checking account and I have just enough money for rent, groceries & $120 for gas which is just under 3 tanks and should be enough for all of my travel plans this pay period and may even be able to afford to replace the windshield wiper on the driver side of my car that fell off this morning. HALLELUJAH!!! living dangerously over here.

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