Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Since no woman wants to be alone on the holiday for lovers, I went out to eat last night with a girl friend of mine. I managed to go the entire day without eating my weight in junk food or crying. I am so proud of myself. This Valentine's day was like any other day. There was not a steady stream of roses or gifts delivering all day at work. And the only reason that I notice is because I sit at the main entrance. It felt like any other Monday until I logged on to facebook. So I quickly logged off and went out to dinner.

I've known my friend Lauren for maybe 6 months. We've been in an intense Bible study together. Lauren had no idea that I'm a writer. I got so excited telling her about my projects. She looked at me with pride in her eyes. I was not expecting that reaction. Then when she realized that I've been writing since early childhood her eyes grew big and she grinned from ear to ear and complimented me on having such a passion.

Signing off for the moment. Need to head out to work. Here's hoping it's a great day.

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