Sunday, February 13, 2011

Made serious progress today in the church nursery. We have a kid who is very shy. He usually walks in and makes a B line for the corner. Today as I played with another kid, the shy one joined us and started smiling and laughing. He even opened up during story time today when we talked about our fears. He raised his hand to share a story. Then he froze and covered his face with both hands. So I asked, "are you scared of large crowds?" And he uncovered his face and grinned from ear to ear as he shook his head yes. Tremendous Progress!!

The second big thing to celebrate today was the kid who I believe is autistic. He is also Asian and there is a little language barrier. We are making progress and I've taught him some sign language. (not to imply that i'm the master of sign language. i know maybe 10 words). Anyway, today he said thank you and was more vocal with the kids during large group. At this rate, he may actually be able to play with the other kids in the room without a teacher standing right by his side. We have bonded and it's pretty cool that he trust me. He even wanted to share his toys with me today. Do know what it's like for a 3 year old to share toys?

What a marvelous day in church!!

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