Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm sitting on the couch trying to relax. I'm reading a mildly interesting murder mystery. And as with any book there is an underlying romance story. Truth be told, I don't read romance novels and the murder mystery in this story is so lame I'm caught up in the romance. Anyway, I'm reading a fairly intense love scene. I just have to ask, does this stuff ever happen in real life? I'm just thinking that the author is a horny woman and her fantasy is just spilling over to the pages of this book. I've never experienced any of the sex or romance portrayed in these fictional novels. And I avoid romance novels so I'm not even reading the "good stuff." One of my favorite books is the Time Traveler's Wife. I grabbed it because I'm swept away with the thought of time travel. One day we'll perfect it, right? This book can easily pass for porn. I guess my leisurely reading for relaxation can now be compared to the executives lust for golf to relax. In the end, you're frustrated!!!

good night all

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