Thursday, February 17, 2011

After some pretty strange dreams last night (which is normal for me), I woke up with the song HAVE YOU EVER NEEDED SOMEONE SO BAD stuck in my head. I usually proudfully advertise "I know my music." But as I lay in bed with this song in my head I couldn't remember the band. I thought it may be deaf leopard but this song is a ballad. I continued to toss & turn at 5 am trying to get my last hour of sleep but I was so bothered by this burning question I got out of bed and quickly went to Before I pressed the "enter" button to see which band it was I took my last guess. And once again I was RIGHT!! It was Deaf Leopard and since I have this CD I decided to play it since I have forgotten most of the lyrics. Oh yeah, and they sing better than I do.

So as I listen to this song, the ballad, I'm struck at the fact that we used to consider this HEAVY METAL. This is more like WEAK METAL. Things have really changed since the 80's. Speaking of the 80's, next Saturday is 80's night at the Hat Factory. I'm so excited to be going out dancing again. As much I love to dance, I rarely get to go out & do it. This Saturday I'm going to a salsa event. I'm actually nervous about that. It's one thing to just get out on the dance and "shake your booty" in front of a bunch of drunks. It's completely different to attend a social where everyone is sober and knows how to do the dance. I think I've seen people do the salsa on TV but I really have no clue what I should expect this weekend. I did buy a nice new top to go with my black skirt. If the salsa is anything like the dancing I saw on "Take the Lead" I at least want to look the part. I figured red is sexy and fits in with salsa dancing, right? Well considering I had 3 colors to choose from: red, purple, or black. Since I'm wearing a black skirt I quickly dismissed that notion. Purple isn't bad, but I'm a blond. Blondes look hot in red. Or so I have been told by many men!!

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