Sunday, October 31, 2010


I really enjoy cleaning. Most people say it's a control thing. Since I don't have control over anything I clean to feel like I'm in control. I really enjoy watching all of the dirt disappear. I HAVE THE POWER!! Today as I'm emptying my dehumidifier I noticed it was turning black which is an indicator of mold/ mildew. I put it in the sink, sprayed it with clorox and started scrubbing. The water is turning black as I scrub. I had that jingle in my head from that cheese commercial "BEHOLD THE POWER OF CHEESE!" But I replaced "cheese" with the word bleach. As I continued to scrub the lyrics to "nothing but the blood of Jesus" came into my mind. This is how the blood of Jesus works, like bleach. He intervenes in the life of the worst of the worst (prostitutes, addicts, alcoholics, rapist, murderers, Bin Ladin & Hitler) and washes away all of the sin and they are a new creature. WOW!! That's how powerful His blood is. I'm sure that you have seen that Palmolive commercial where just one drop of detergent lands on this greasy porcelain dish and it's all WHITE again. Another reminder, it only took one drop of His blood to clean this dirty & fragile sinner.
This is the how the Spirit of God works. He talks to you in your dreams. He talks to you while you clean, pay your bills, watch a children's movie, play with your kids on the swing set, or as in Joyce Meyer's case while you make your bed. And I thought I couldn't hear God's sweet voice HA!

In Him

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