Friday, March 14, 2014

the best one of all

We all like receiving gifts. Christmas is the known gift giving holiday. My mom loves to surprise everyone with wonderful gifts. I don't remember most of my gifts from childhood, but one gift made a lasting impression. I remember checking out all of the packages under the Christmas tree, and teased one of kids in my mom's daycare that the biggest box under the tree belonged to me. He immediately replied "the best things come in small packages." Why do I remember this moment from 20 - 25 years ago? My mom gave him a "book of life savers" from the Dollar Tree, and my gift was a globe. Yes, a globe to help me with my school work. As I opened the gift, I remember thinking "he did get the better gift. I'd rather have a book of life savers." 

The humorous gift exchange resumes in adulthood. I love kittens and cats. They are so cute and adorable. At one time in my life, I owned 3 cats. One year for Christmas my mother gave us all pajamas. I watched as my sister opened her package of pajamas, and when I saw the puppy pattern I just knew that my pajamas would be a kitten pattern. Not so much! Mom decided that the three of us should have matching pajamas; we all had the puppy pattern. Now, I don't want to dispute her logic. I can understand the desire to have your kids wear matching clothes. Usually this stops in elementary school. When we are all adults, it's kind of silly. 

One Christmas after I moved into a new apartment, I needed more kitchen utensils and equipment. Mom asked for my Christmas list. I sent her an email telling her I needed help with kitchen supplies and included a list of the few items I already owned. I asked her to get whatever she thought was best because I didn't really know what I needed. Apparently mom just glanced at my note, and for the first time in my adulthood she actually purchased the items on my Christmas list. She bought me everything on the list of items I already owned. A year or two later, I asked for a gift card to Lane Bryant. I wanted more clothes, and really liked that store. This was the funniest "surprise" from mom. I received a gift card to the local grocery store. I could go on and on with humorous tails of my surprises from mom. As the years continued, I stopped giving mom a Christmas list. She has this deep need to surprise us; which trumps the Christmas list that she begs for every year.

In 2013 things were completely different. I had just gotten married. I had a bridal registry at 3 stores. Registries are great. I wish stores made a Christmas registry- HAHA! Mom bought us the one item we wanted more than anything else; a down comforter. I absolutely love down comforters. I purchased one about 10 years ago, and have only used down comforters ever since. Last year I got a new bed to upgrade from a twin to a queen, so my comforter no longer fit the bed. Mom hit the jackpot this Christmas!

So, what is the hysterical calamity you ask...

Yesterday I went to an allergy specialist to determine what is making me so sick. I am allergic to dust mites (one of many allergies). Dust mites are very attracted to feathers. Who can blame them, right? I'm really attracted to down comforters myself. LOL The doctor told me to toss my down comforter.  I'm sitting there thinking "really?? you want me to toss my favorite thing in the house??" So, I offer a solution, "can I just get it cleaned?" As we discussed the various ways I can keep this, I'm laughing internally. The one time my mother gets me an awesome Christmas gift, a doctor wants me to toss it. I don't believe this. 

I'm now looking into way to dry clean this comforter on a regular basis, and possibly using it less frequently. We will probably buy a few other blankets, and each week when we change the sheets we can rotate the blanket so maybe I only use the down comforter once a month. Still working on this plan!

Stubborn One

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