Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Betty Crocker, Julia Childs, Paula Dean, and Martha Stewart

Well, I'm sure glad none of these women were guest here tonight. I usually do not eat processed foods. Instead of purchasing a boxed dinner and mixing in a bowl, I purchase the ingredients and prepare dinner my way. I cut out the processed foods after listening to Jillian Michaels say "if it doesn't have a mother or doesn't come from the ground, don't eat it." As soon as I saw a bottle of Clorox next to a box of spaghetti, and heard the process of whitening our noodles, I realized I need to start eating REAL food. I also read a couple of books titled "Eat this, Not that." It takes some extra effort and money, but eating fresh food is so much healthier. 

Last night as I was grocery shopping, I noticed a box of scalloped potatoes on sale for $1.50. It looked good. It was cheap. I'm tired, so I easily convinced myself that I could eat "one" box meal. As I stirred the sauce, something just didn't look right. It wasn't thickening. I make homemade cheese sauce; I know how to do this! As I added what appeared to be plastic potato pieces, I KNEW I had done something horribly wrong. The recipe called for 2 cups of water and 2/3 cup of milk. Well, I used 2 cups of milk. Just for giggles, I put the dish in the oven. LOL  My dinner just came out of the oven. I have cheesy potato soup. The "plastic" potato pieces are tender, so I used a fork to fish out the potato pieces and ate a few of those. I'm determined to eat a little of this dish. 

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