Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How's the weather

 On Friday June 22, I arrived at work and quickly noticed that my area did not have air conditioning. I work on the third floor. The building is in the shape of a cross. I work in the east wing. All of the other wings had A.C., but not the east wing. Luckily I live two miles from work. I went home and picked up my large fan. I  was able to sit the fan in the middle of six associates. I adjusted the fan setting so it would rotate. It was still very warm and stuffy, but a little bit more tolerable. Instead of working through my lunch, I went out to a fast food chain and purchased a nice salad and chocolate milkshake. I couldn't bare to eat anything hot!

I returned to work around 1pm and the A.C. was fixed. It will take a few hours to cool down the office building though. We then started experiencing electrical problems and lost the lights. The building had electricity so we were still able to work, but we were working in the dark. Do you know what the dark invites? Bugs! This is when we noticed that we have roaches. I detest roaches. I cannot deal with roaches. By the end of the day, the A.C. was working properly, the lights had been restored, and an exterminator was notified.

On Monday June 25, I arrived at work and was happy that the phones were working, the computers were working, the A.C. was working and there were no bugs in my area. We were headed in the right direction. Around 11:30 our servers went down and we could no longer use email. Around 2:30pm the emails started rolling in quickly. Around 3pm I stood up to stretch and noticed it was pitch black outside. I had planned on staying late, but didn't think it was late already. I looked at the clock to confirm it was still in the afternoon and then asked "is it the end of the world?" I used my cell phone to call a friend of mine to check on the weather elsewhere and my cell phone didn't work. Minutes later as I'm on a land line checking the weather elsewhere, we lose power. Then we are evacuated to the first floor in the middle of the building. This is when I started to get nervous. My employer doesn't usually evacuate us for a small storm.

At the end of the storm about 150,000 in the metro Richmond were without electricity. I work at the dead end of a business complex and the road was flooded and full of debris. I was able to maneuver my way through parking lots of other businesses to bypass the branches that were in the road. Most traffic lights were non operational. I live two miles from work and the commute home was about 30 minutes. No big deal though. I made it home safely. Praise the Lord, my electricity was restored by 8:30pm. I was able to sleep in a well air conditioned home.

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