Sunday, April 15, 2012


After two months of ankle pain and burning sensations in my left leg from my sciatica nerve, I finally went to see a foot doctor. I have a stress fracture and a torn tendon. The torn tendon is behind my ankle bone which was causing so much pain walking down steps and while dancing. The area is swollen and pressing up against a nerve that connects to my sciatica nerve. So basically there is pain and burning sensations that start in my left foot and go all the way up to my buttocks. I've been seeing my chiropractor regularly to help with the sciatica nerve.

The good news is, this is my left foot and I drive an automatic car. I'm still able to drive. The bad news is, I need to keep my left foot propped up as much as possible. I'm an extrovert. I need to be around people in order to be happy. I despise being alone and just sitting at home all of the time. It's spring time and it's beautiful outside. I'd rather be hiking or going to the beach then stuck on my couch. I can't walk, run, or dance and it's very FRUSTRATING!

This situation has been quite a challenge for me. However; the Lord has been faithful. After telling everyone what happened, friends are helping me in all kinds of ways. Friends are doing my grocery shopping, laundry, dishes, vacuum cleaning, and even bringing me dinner. I wasn't expecting any of this. I was hoping that maybe someone would come over and hang out a couple times a week, but the Lord has just really blessed me. Yesterday a former co-worker whom I have kept in touch with, came over to hang out with me. Then she returned just an hour or two later and her husband replaced my wind shield wiper blades for me. Next week I have company coming over three consecutive nights. I've been grocery shopping online and preparing a list of things I need and a very dear friend of mine has really blessed me with going to the store for me. I know how much I despise grocery shopping so I would never ask someone to do that for me. This very dear friend of mine just offered!! I know I wouldn't be able to walk long enough to complete that task. And yes I know that most places now have those handy motorized seats with a tiny cart in front for those of us who aren't able to walk, but my pride was keeping me from using that device - HAHA!!

The Lord has also used this situation to force me to work on some of my faults. For instance, I like things done a certain way. I'm a little anal retentive. I do believe I inherited that trait from my father. Well, I have to just really let go of certain things and remind myself that these wonderful people are blessing me in so many ways. Things aren't being done my way, but things are being done and that is the most important thing!

So I said all of that to say, PRAISE BE TO GOD! He continues to meet all of my needs. And I fully trust on Him to continue to provide for me in the next five or more weeks that I'm stuck on the couch.


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