Monday, April 23, 2012

On Feb 3 I was kinda dancing outside in the parking lot and twisted my ankle. The local "doc in a box" didn't really do much help. After a month of constant pain, I was finally convinced by a few people to go see a real doctor. Unfortunately there was a month wait for an appointment. On April 4 I went to the foot doctor and learned that I have a stress fracture on the top of my foot and a torn tendon behind my ankle. Luckily this is my left ankle and I can still drive. The doctor wrapped the area in a cast and I also have this boot to assist with walking. It's been a little bit inconvenient and still pretty darn painful.

But I've been so blessed. I have friends and family that have been helping since I was ordered by the doctor to stay on the couch after work. So far I've had a nice little rotation going and there is someone here at least three nights a week. I didn't know how I was going to get through this since I live alone, but all of my friends have been very helpful. Between all of my friends, refrigerator is fully stocked with groceries, laundry is done, the floors are vacuumed, dinner is cooked, and most importantly I've had company to keep me entertained. Even my church is sending out a couple of people to visit with me this week.

I finally feel as if I'm reaping what I have sown for so long. I am just so blessed!!

Also, I was able to attend an event on Saturday and operate the web cam to stream the event live online. It was a little disappointing not being able to dance, especially when they played the "Cupid Shuffle," but I was still able to participate in my own may. I am sitting in chair on the far left with the black boot on my left leg :)

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