Sunday, February 26, 2012

touch screen

 I can count on one hand the number of times I've used a phone with a touch screen. There are advantages and disadvantages. I really like the convenience of enlarging the text on the screen in a simple motion with my fingers. That's actually pretty darn cool. Of course, the main disadvantage with me using a touch screen is, the screen doesn't sensor my lotion covered hands.

Here is my biggest complaint with the use of touch screen. I bank at Wells Fargo (formerly Wachovia). They use an ATM with touch screen. Each of their ATM's that I have used is out of my reach. This morning I needed to use the ATM. I was on my way to church and used a different branch than normally. I pulled up to the ATM and the sun was beaming directly in my eye and glaring on the screen. So now not only is the touch screen out of my reach, but I cannot see the icons on the touch screen. This ATM seemed a little higher than usual. The keypad to enter my pin# is within reach, but the only way to answer the other questions is to use the touch screen.

Have you ever seen the show "Dukes of Hazard"? The doors to the car don't open so Bo & Luke have to crawl through the window to enter & exit the car. That was the maneuver I had to try today. It was pretty darn cold outside, but since this is a touch screen I had to remove my gloves. I propped up myself and scooted half way out the window just to touch a little button.

This world caters to tall people. I'm not a ballerina, but I live my life on my tip toes.

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